Mick Martínez (AKA: Micksty)

I was born as a photographer. As long I remember, I always saw life through a lens. It is my work, my entertainment… My life. I could even say that it is a kind of mission that it was given to me.

Treasuring moments through a lens is what I like to do. Photos. Videos. Things to remember. Images that can make us travel. Emotions captured. As someone said a long ago:

The photograph itself does not interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality.

Henri Cartier-bresson

Things are like they are. But we can see them as we want to. Our perspective is more important than them. We must not forget that. So, our view is the main ingredient for our individual experience. Our emotions can be captured and stored –in some way– as an artist said:

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.

Andy Warhol

My expertise is to view life and capture moments through a lens. I have been doing this for more than 30 years. I hope to keep on doing this for the rest of my life. And I would like to share my passion with everyone. Let´s enjoy life!